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[HN/HCM] Chương Trình Quản Trị Viên Tập Sự – ZARA Management Trainee Program 2024 Tại Tập Đoàn Đa Quốc Gia MAP (Nhà Phân Phối Thương Hiệu Zara)

Chương Trình Quản Trị Viên Tập Sự - ZARA Management Trainee Program 2024


Incorporated in 1995, MAP achieved phenomenal growth over the years culminating in its IPO in November 2004. Today, MAP is the leading lifestyle retailer in Indonesia with over 2,200 retail stores and a diversified portfolio that includes sports, fashion, department stores, kids, food & beverage, and lifestyle products. Some of our iconic brands include Starbucks, Zara, Marks & Spencer, SOGO, SEIBU, Oshkosh B’Gosh, Reebok, among many others. Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, with over 26,000 employees, MAP was voted Fortune Indonesia’s Most Admired Companies (Top 20) in 2012 and Forbes Indonesia’s Top 40 Companies in 2011. Apart from retailing, MAP is also a leading distributor for sports, kids, and lifestyle brands.


From a small company of 40 stores in 1995, into the leading retailer in Indonesia. Over the years, MAP has introduced many exciting retail experiences. Trends are set, records are broken, and too many milestones to count.


For this, we have our stellar workforce of over 23,000 employees to thank for 20 years of retail excellence. Along the way, discover more interesting and colorful insights from the testimonies and stories garnered from our staff to our senior management during their own journey with MAP Brilliant people, amazing culture, and the chance to deliver an exciting retail experience to the hundreds of millions of people across Indonesia. Learn what MAP is made of!  Website:

You are interested in fashion and looking for a job that can help you unlock your potential and boost your career? Let’s embark on an exciting journey of growth and discovery with us.

At ZARA, we are committed to nurturing young talented leaders and supporting you every step of our exciting Management Trainee journey.



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Fast-track Career: Become a manager for sales and operation within a short period of time (8 months).
Skilled Leadership: Be provided comprehensive training and develop leadership skills to become a manager.
International Exposure: Have opportunities to work and develop in multinational environment.


  • Bachelor’s Degree with GPA from 7.5 or equivalent.
  • 1-2 years working experience.
  • Willing to work in operation shift and relocate in Vietnam.
  • Proficient English skills (verbal & written).
  • Good communication skills, agility, high adaptability and resilient towards the challenge, strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Microsoft Office basic skills (Excel, Power Point, Word).
  • Passion in fashion.


HẠN CUỐI: 15/5/2024

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